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Janice Clark wis brocht up at a time fan some o the eemaist singers, fae the Scottish Traiveller hantle, wir bidin in Aiberdeen an wis luicky eneuch tae lairn sangs fae Jeannie Robertson, hir dother, Lizzie Higgins an hir nephew, Stanley Robertson. Thegither thi gied her a luve an respect fir the sangs an fir the singers fa were sae gweed–hairtit tae haun em oan.

Janice stairtit singin at Folk Clubs an Festivals as a wee quine an traivellt an recordit wi bands sic as Iolair, Lang Johnnie Moore an Heighland Connection. As weel as traditional singin, Janice is interestit in blues music an sung fir mony years wi Aiberdeen based blues band, Aff the Tracks.Mair recently she his bin performin wi ither Scottish singers Aileen Carr an Barbara Dymock in the harmony singin trio, Choras.

Janice stairtit teaching singin wirkshops at Folk Festivals aa ower Scotland in the late eichties. Lang syne Janice wis a tutor at the Adult Fies, teachin traditional sang an harmony an onything gings “Song Extravaganza”. She his tutored fir Scottish Culture an Traditions in Aiberdeen an fir the Elphinstone Institute far she teaches Polish an Scottish fowk thegither. Hir hairt fair rins ower fin she’s teaching sangs fae the Scottish tradition t new singers, supportin mair weel-handit singers tae lairn mair sangs, sing wi thir ain vyce, an tae hae the confidince tae sing oot tae ither fowk.


Janice Clark grew up at a time when some incredible source singers, from within the Scottish Traiveller community were living in Aberdeen and had the immense privilege to learn songs directly from Jeannie Robertson, her daughter Lizzie Higgins and her nephew, Stanley Robertson. They instilled in her a love and respect for these songs and for the singers who so generously shared them.

Janice began singing at Folk Clubs and Festivals in her early teens and travelled and recorded with bands such as Iolair, Lang Johnnie Moore and Highland Connection. She also has an interest in blues music and performed for many years with Aberdeen based blues band, Off The Tracks.
More recently she has been performing with fellow Scottish singers Aileen Carr and Barbara Dymock in the harmony singing trio, Choras.

Janice began teaching singing workshops at Folk Festivals throughout Scotland in the late eighties. Since that time Janice has been a tutor at the Adult Fies, teaching traditional song and harmony and an anything goes “Song Extravaganza”. She has tutored for Scottish Culture and Traditions in Aberdeen and for the Elphinstone Institute where she teaches a Polish Scottish group. She is passionate about teaching songs from the Scottish tradition to new singers, supporting experienced singers to build a repertoire, develop their individual style and gain performance skills for solo and group singing.

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Janice Clark